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Need good quality dsl router modem? Our article can provide you with useful information.

In the article, I make a selection of some dsl router modem. All of them are top sellers on main shopping websites. They have received a number of good comments. So you don’t need to worry about their quality problems. In the contrary, you just need to worry about how to find one that fits you most.

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Great Dsl Router Modem

Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N DSL Modem Router (GT784WN)

The GT784WN Wireless-N DSL Modem Router is three products in one: a full rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, 4-port switch and dual-antenna, 300 Mbps Wireless-N router.

Buying Guides
  • “It works great and was easy to install.” – S
  • “Just to give an example of how bad I needed a very good modem and router.” – HiSunShiNe
  • “Had to call tech support a couple of times to get on line the first time, they said they didn’t do any thing but I finally got on line.” – Dee

Macsense MIH-130 Xrouter Pro 10/100 Router for Cable DSL Modems

Internet Sharing Hub for xDSL and cable modems.

Consumer Guide
  • “Absolutely terrific product and piece of idiot proof technology.” – Ace909
  • “It was very easy to install.” – Andy Aronson
  • “Setup is very easy and straight forward; it only took me about 10 minutes to get it up and running.” – DoubleJava

AT&T Westell 7550 DSL Modem/Router


Qwest 2wire 2700hg-d DSL Modem Router Wireless

Product Features: Connect multiple computers to the Internet with Wi-FI and Ethernet. Also connect several devices in your home for a rich and secure networking experience.

Windstream 2701HG 2Wire Wireless Gateway DSL Router Modem

Wireless access point creates a strong signal with fast speeds and fewer dead zones. Up to 10/100 Mbps data transfer rates For fast, efficient operation.

Actiontec GT701 High Speed DSL Modem

The new Actiontec USB/Ethernet DSL Modem with Routing Capabilities is really two devices rolled into one. It’s a full rate ADSL modem that’s upgradeable to the new, faster ADSL 2/2+protocol.

  • “This new Actiontec DSL modem is great and was very easy to setup and install.” – C. Booker
  • “I tried every one and it was unable to connect to the internet.” – J. Moulton
  • “In hindsight, I could have saved some hassle by asking AT&T what modems they supported, because this wasn’t one of them.” – Steve Harris

Actiontec GT701WG 54 Mbps Wireless DSL Gateway

1 x ADSL, 1 x USB, 1 x 10/100Base-TX – IEEE 802.

Consumer Reports
  • “It works great!- No problems installing with help of Centrylink.” – Susanne Hill
  • “It even has WPA-PSK encryption, and a firewall.” – R. Gardner
  • “If you can’t fully reboot after pulling the power, go to the Actiontec/Century Link modem website to hard reboot.” – jen

Actiontec GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem with Routing Capabilities  -

Main FeaturesManufacturer/Supplier: Actiontec Electronics, IncManufacturer Part Number: GEU003AD3B-01Manufacturer Website Address: Brand Name: ActiontecProduct Model: GT701DProduct Name: GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem with Routing CapabilitiesMarketing Information: Full Rate ADSL2+ Modem ADSL2+ DSL triples available bandwidth from 8 Mbps to 24 Mbps.

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